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41. Ateliergebouw Oranjeboom

Oranjeboomstraat 109
3071 SC Rotterdam
Wijk Zuid

The Oranjeboomstraat studio complex is located just across the river in the South Rotterdam district of Feyenoord, not far from the Willemsbrug and the Noordereiland. This weekend, 6 of the 10 studios will be open to the public, as well as an art project in the garden. A great occasion to learn more about the various disciplines in which these artists have been active at this location for several years.

Bert van Beek

3D / Colorful / Schilderkunst

Henk de Bont

Graphic / Small work / Tekenkunst

Yu-Ching Chiang

Conceptual / Contemporary / Digital

Cor Drost

Abstract / Colorful / painting

Clara Froger

3D / Abstract / Contemporary

Ellie Hemmelder

3D / Colorful / Small work

Rick Koren

3D / Contemporary

Sylvie Overheul

Realistisch / Schilderkunst / Tekenkunst

Anna Ramsair

3D / Schilderkunst / Tekenkunst

Leslie Robbins

Abstract / Contemporary / Small work


Conceptual / Contemporary / Realistisch

Extra Programma

Besides the ten artist studios, the complex also includes Stichting The Orange Tree art project (TOT), which provides visual artists with a temporary workplace – the Garden of the studio complex – where they can collaborate with other artists on research and development. This year, TOT has invited the artists Ying-Ting Shen and Yu-Ching Chiang to work in the Garden on their project titled YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The conclusion of their research, including a musical performance, can be seen and heard during the open studio weekend on Sunday 26 September.

Sunday 26 September
15:00 hrs

We are not alone
We are all debris
Here we are __.

A gravitational installation and a musical performance that presents the improvised harmony
orchestrated from the local environmental elements of the garden in Rotterdam south.

Artist in residency :
Yu-Ching Chiang

Musicians :
Diepzeebeest & Rather