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6. Banier

Banierstraat 62
3032 PL Rotterdam
Wijk Noord

This studio complex at Banierstraat 62 is part of the City in the Making community, and has been in existence since 2013. The building features a common room used for various activities including exhibitions, meetings of the Bcademie, and the rent-a-restaurant; other facilities include an elderflower winery in the cellar; “De Schout”, the smallest allotment garden complex in the Netherlands; and a bicycle workshop. Upstairs there are three studios, one of which is shared. Marcel Brink is a painter; Philippa Driest makes installations and runs the nomadic bookshop KIOSK Rotterdam; Charlien Adriaenssens and Louis van der Waal create visual works which they use in their art performances; and Daan den Houter makes ice paintings. During the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend there will be an exhibition in the downstairs area featuring works by all the artists, and where “golden banner” food will be served.

Contemporary Glory Contemporary Cash

Colorful / Conceptual / Figurative / painting

Philippa Driest

Conceptual / Contemporary

Daan den Houter

Abstract / Conceptual / Contemporary


Abstract / Colorful / painting