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28. Het Archief

Robert Fruinstraat 52
3021 XE Rotterdam
Wijk West

Het Archief is a new cultural breeding ground in West Rotterdam that brings together makers and market, focusing on a variety of disciplines from illustration and ceramics to photography. There is also an extensive programme of lectures, exhibitions and external rentals.

Eady van Acker

3D / Contemporary

Jur Costanza

Abstract / Colorful / Figurative / Graphic / painting

Jing He

Conceptual / Contemporary

Jake Kelly

3D / Abstract / Textile

Annemiek van der Wilt

Abstract / Contemporary / Textile

Extra Programma

Jur Constanza’s solo exhibition, titled De Gniffel (The Chuckle), will be presented on the ground floor. Jur uses humour and imagination to provoke a chuckle in the viewer. On the 6th floor, the Root Gallery will be presenting Donald Schenkel’s solo exhibition Multiples of One.