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54. RET Remise

Waalhaven Oostzijde 1
3087 BM Rotterdam
Wijk Zuid

Architect: Ad van der Steur (1893–1953)

The former RET bus depot in Charlois has been in use as a studio complex since 2017 by several artists working in various disciplines and media including installation art, sculpture, video and experimental photography, media art, scenography, artistic research, and design. In addition to the art studios, the complex also includes the independent art bookshop Books@RET and the exhibition space Shimmer.

Theodora Kotsi-Felici

Conceptual / Contemporary / Large Size / Textile

Carolin Lange

Abstract / Contemporary / Large Size / Photograpyh / Tekenkunst

Ariane Trümper

Contemporary / Digital / Flim/ AV / Installations