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Groot Rotterdams Atelier weekend

6.Sara Tim Trust

Mauritsstraat 167
3012 CH Rotterdam

Mauritsstraat 167 consists of two studios. SARATIMTRUST is an artist space where five residents realise and present their work: Andreia Costa, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Frank Hanswijk, Tim Leyendekker and Iñiy Sanchez. The complex has a rich history dating back to the early 1990s, with initiatives including Salle de Bains and Salle Demain. Marleen Felius has had her studio on the top floor since 1970.

Marleen Felius

Large Size /Painting /Small work

Lisa Gliederpuppe

Conceptual /Digital /Installations

Frank Hanswijk

Colorful /Large Size /Photography

Tim Leyendekker

Conceptual /Film / AV

Parisa Yousef Doust

Extra Programma

During the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, we will be presenting work by photographer Frank Hanswijk, visual artist Lisa Gliederpuppe, and filmmaker / visual artist Tim Leyendekker. Marleen Felius focuses on one single topic: cattle. She paints, illustrates and publishes. This weekend she will be opening her studio and showing her work.